for travelers and wanderers

Need some comfortable and light walking shoes for travel?

With its supple yet durable leather, Pikkpack is pretty, lightweight and snug, which is especially great for travel. This flat-packed shoe kit fits into your carry-on with ease. For those who want to pack smart but want to bring also some eye-catching pieces for a trip, the rubber soled Pikkpack is a perfect choice. 

Our approach is very simple. Pikkpack is made of only 3 pieces of material: the sole, the shoe upper and the shoelaces. There is no linen inside and the glue use is also minimal. A pair of Pikkpack is small and flat enough to fit in an envelope, there is no need for shoe stuffing or paper boxes. The shoe weighs less than 1 lbs and smoothly molds to the wearer’s foot as a second skin And, since our high quality leather is an organic material, it breathes and keeps warm at the same time - perfect for almost any occasion.