Rob Lowe aka Supermundane, is a London based artist and graphic designer who has a distinguishing knack in the world of colour and lines, using them in a distinctively simple but powerful form. His work has been celebrated all around the world and has contributed to some of the most innovative magazines such as Anorak “happy mag for kids”, food quarterly Fire & Knives and Wallpaper; each monumental in their own right.




We’ve always had the idea, in the back of our minds that we would use the shoes as a canvas. Being flat-packed, the leather surface is perfect for featuring a printed design. It was important to find an artist that shares the similar playful, graphic characteristics the shoes have; it was a no brainier when our paths crossed with Supermundane, that we would collaborate. Our brands transcend each other and have a harmony that go hand in hand.

Check out our blog post where we write more about how we meet Supermundane and how the collaboration came about.


Sumermundane’s aim was to work as much as possible with the area given by the upper of the slip-on and to use the existing lines - such as the patterns that the shoelaces create by running on the sides of the footwear - as a base. He wanted to come up with something that wouldn’t interfere too much with the shoe but would work in harmony with it and in the same time create a quite distinctive look.

Each pair of this special edition is screen printed by hand, in our studio resulting in a 100% artisan, wearable piece of art. The Supermundane X Pikkpack shoes are available only in a combination of black leather upper and yellow rubber sole. The upper of the footwear is decorated with the artist's light blue print. However, the colour of the shoelaces can be freely chosen by the wearer. The kit comes in a canvas tote with the funky artwork of Supermundane.

Photo: Anna Gyurkovics
Make-Up: Gergő Batai
Hair: Simon Radvan
Models: Tamas / Blanka (Artmodels)
Clothes: Bridget & Olivia