“I just received my Pikkpack, your design is real genius,craftsmanship is very good,materials are quality, very nice product, it arrived very fast too.” Nathan
Your creations are amazing, your vision is unique, your collection the very definition of must-have.” Al
“It feels great to wear Pikkpack. I didn't have to break them in, because they don't rub on my ankles. The only issue I had was on was tight on one foot (but its like that with all shoes I wear because of a past injury) Within a day they stretched and fit perfectly.” Megan
“There is no other shoe that is stylish, packable, and that you put together yourself with laces that can be changed.  If someone wants, needs, or is just interested in this type of product then I would absolutely recommend Pikkpack.” Rob
“Love the concept, the style, the flexibility, the quality (to date ;-)) - Pikkpack is different!”  Tilman
“Very innovative shoes and also an extremely awesome ice breaker when describing how the shoes are made!!!” Jay
“They look very cool, also they're comfortable and give you a feeling of achievement when you successfully put it together.” Alíz
“Lovely design, like the DIY concept and the flexibility for personalisation plus extra safety for bikers. Pikkpack feels like wearing nothing but looks pretty in the mirror.” Zsu
“Pikkpack shoes design is unique and couples tradition with innovation in an interesting way. There is also a multiple shoelace color selection, that can give multiple character to the shoes, so they can follow one's different moods.” Maria
“It's just so difficult to find shoes with conductive soles that are also zero-drop and minimalist unless we're talking about moccasins such as those made by Native Americans. However, those look a bit too warm for my climate, as I live in California. The Pikkpack looks more cooling as well as modernly stylish.” Gloria