Pikkpack is a flat-packed footwear that you assemble yourself. The inspiration behind the design came from the traditional Hungarian shoe known as a bocskor, which was made from a single piece of leather. In Pikkpack, the traditional features of bocskor are mixed with contemporary design aesthetics. Playfulness and involvement is in Pikkpack’s DNA. It lets you build your own footwear in a super easy and fun way as the brand name indicates it - Pikkpack is a Hungarian play on words meaning “it’s a piece of cake”.The flats are designed for both men and women and produced exclusively in Hungary, Europe. Our brand was brought to life by a successful Kickstarter campaign in May 2014 through which 200 Pikkpack kits were sold all over the world.

I am Sara Gulyas, the designer of Pikkpack. I graduated as a leather-designer from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. I’ve been designing with leather for over 20 years. After experimenting with footwear for a long time, I wanted to create a shoe model using the least amount of material possible, which would actively involve the wearers in the shoe making process, and thereby change the way people think about the clothing they wear. The result was Pikkpack. I am in charge of all the design and craft aspects of Pikkpack Shoes. I look after the logistics of the production, and ensure that you get the best quality stuff. I’m really keen on sustainable design and as a designer I truly believe that we have a significant role in shaping the future.



My name is Andras Balogh. I learned sociology and I work as a data science manager at Meta. I'm bringing the startup methodology and spirit to the team as an advisor. My main objective is to keep the team's focus on the right path. It is very important for me that what I do supports a good cause, Pikkpack makes it possible.




I am Johanna Halasz, I joined the team in October 2013 to cover marketing and communication tasks. I am responsible for content creation, PR and for finding out new ways of how to engage with people through a variety of channels. I studied economics as well as art & design management.