Shoe upper: strong water buffalo leather
Shoe sole:  vegetable tanned cowhide
Shoelaces:  80% cotton & 20% PP
Carry bag: natural fabric & colourful shoelace

Created from high quality leather, Pikkpack is a flexible footwear with a lightweight airy feel and kickass design. The top of the shoe is made of one piece of strong water buffalo leather. The material we use is nearly 0.08 inch thick. This type of leather is usually used for making belts, wallets or motorcycle jackets and helmets, which also proves its outstanding tear resistance. Since it’s an organic material it adapts well to changes in temperature.  It breathes and keeps warm at the same time, making the shoes perfect for almost any occasion.

The sole is made of a really strong, vegetable tanned cowhide which is about 0.2 inches thick. We sew the sole onto the upper to reduce glue use as much as possible. The sewing method is quite special too: we use recessed sewing to protect the threads from abrasion and tearing and to make the shoe more durable. A heel is added to the sole for a more comfortable feeling.