How it's made




Mrs Klára Herczeg Szántó
Managing Director at Deszan Kft.

"We develop the Deszán Kft in a family business. I really appreciate that enthusiasm how the Pikkpack team believes in its product and how they ceaselessly develop the Pikkpack product line. It has been a pleasure to help them realize their dreams."


Mrs J
ános Jávor 
She is responsible for sewing the shoe together

"I work as a technical designer. As a mother of three children, I experience on a daily basis what a good shoe really has to know. These experiences give me motivation when designing footwear. My job makes me happy and I love doing what I am talented at. I am always trying to do my very best. I think Pikkpack comes from a fabulous idea. A great product, supported with relevant knowledge, that becomes real value by the wearer’s creativity."


ándor Beke 
He is in charge of creating tools and of injection moulding

"I finished school 4 years ago as machine-operator. I’ve been working for Deszan for 3 and a half year. It was a pleasure to contribute to the manufacturing of the sole tool and the injection moulding of the TR soles. What makes me really happy? When I can spend my free time with my family. I reckon Pikkpack is a totally unique footwear which is based on a great idea."



ászló Ádám 
He tailors the shoe uppers with a cutter and also cuts the leather sole

"I’ve been in the shoe industry for three decades from now. I love the new ideas and I am always up for new challenges. What makes me happy is when i can do my job with my maximal knowledge, in a calm, undisturbed environment. In my free time, I enjoy gardening and fishing. I really like the idea that Pikkpack represents. Moving towards the new trends has always been crucial in the shoe industry."



Gabriella Szőke 
She is responsible for sewing the shoe together

"I finished technical college in Martfu in 1990. Since then, I’ve been working in the fields of shoe manufacturing. I have a professional experience of 25 years. For some years I ran my own business that dealt with shoe upper manufacturing. Besides, I am the mother of three children. I love when I have to apply unusual methods in order to create a footwear, and love learning new techniques. I am interested in new approaches and challenges. Pikkpack is a very simple, yet stylish footwear. I really like it."


The Vajtai Brothers / Leather retailers at Vajtai és Fiai Kft.

Zoli (on the left) "I am an economist as well as a father of three children. Ervin (on the right), my brother and business partner is a car mechanic and a father of two kids. Of course, we are both leather experts.What makes me happy is making a good job and then relaxing at the Lake Balaton. I love fishing and boating. Ervin likes watching sport games and fixing things. I think he can fix everything. He is a real handyman. We are really interested in sustainable development and environment protection. We both find the Pikkpack team really innovative. We love their energy and their constant longing for learning."








High quality materials - The leather that we use has an outstanding tear resistance. It is also really flexible and since it’s an organic material it adapts well to changes in temperature.

Local manufacturing - When you choose Pikkpack you buy shoes that are locally crafted with a lot of care. For us and our partners exploitation of workers are completely out of the question.

Less material -  Did you know that an average footwear is usually made of seventeen different kinds of material. In case of Pikkpack this is reduced to only three: the leather, the rubber sole and the shoelaces. There is no linen inside and the glue use is minimal as well. A pair of Pikkpack is small and flat enough to fit in an envelope, there is no need for shoe stuffing or paper boxes, which itself revolutionizes the logistics of footwear storage and transportation.

Lower environmental impact - Because you are involved in the making, we can ship these shoes to you in lighter and smaller packages using less material and conserving natural resources.


Thank you for believing in what we do.


The Pikkpack Team


Photos by: Julia Pinter, Andras Balogh