for those wo are into diy




Imagine that you receive an envelope with a cute canvas bag inside. In the bag there lay two flat pieces of fine leather with some shoelaces. Then you stitch the elements together. And so you have a pair of durable and hip summer shoes. How does that sound? 

Our mission is not only to deliver a stylish pair of shoes, but also to involve you in an important part of the shoe-making process. Assembling Pikkpack  is fun and you actually create something that is uniquely your own.

When you build this shoe with your hands you not only create something that is uniquely yours, but you participate in a conversation about waste and consumption that is often overlooked. Because you are involved in the making, we can ship the shoes to you in lighter and smaller packages using less material and conserving natural resources. Pikkpack improves the user-product connection and provides an alternative to the current fast fashion trends that generate huge waste.